Department of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS)

Department of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS) was established in 1999. This department is known as one the most successful departments in University of Tabriz. The academic staffs in department could found many national and international projects. Currently there are several an important on going national projects in this department.
Department of Remote Sensing and GIS is one the most important departments which has international collaboration with several departments such as department of Geoinformatics (Z-GIS) University of Salzburg, Austria, Department of GIS, San Diego State University (SDSU), California, United State, Department of Cartography and GIS, University of Tehran, Iran, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. This is also one of the first departments offered postdoctoral position for international students.This department encourages international bachelor, master, PhD and postdoctoral applications.
The department offers B.A. and M.A. courses and plans have been made for further extension of the department toward Ph.D. This is one the first departments that offers very professional master program in Remote Sensing and GIS specialized in several fields. Currently this department offers following programs:

Bachelor program in remote sensing and GIS 

Master program in remote sensing and GIS applied to water management and soil resources 

Master program in remote Sensing and GIS applied to natural Hazards

Master program in remote Sensing and GIS applied to Urban and Rural Management

PhD program in Remote Sensing

PhD program in Geographical Information System

Postdoctoral position in remote sensing and GIS 


The GIS lab of this department is one the well-established lab in University of Tabriz. This department upgraded software packages including:  ArcGIS, Arc Cad, PCI Geomatica, Photo Mode, ER-Mapper,Envi, Erdas on PC-based platform, and Calips consisting of 40 user workstations are active. Peripherals include small and large format digitizer, scanners, plotters and printers. This lab has some of the advanced GPS receivers used for gathering field data. The satellite dish also has been fixed on the roof of the Faculty for updated monitoring of climatic conditions of the area. The data for remote sensing based analyses is received onlie through satellites like NOAA, SPOT, MODIS, LANDSAT, HYPERION, etc. All classroom facilities and hardware and software capabilities are utilized for future expansion purposes.

    We are currently offering 2-year postdoctoral positions in field of Remote Sensing and GIS for international applications. International applicants may contact Dr. Bakhtiar Feizizadeh via

Last Update At : 09 February 2020