Department of Geomorphology


The Department of Geomorphology is one of the oldest departments of geography in Iran and one of the most reputable units of geography in the country. The Department has an experienced group of lecturers in geomorphology and applied aspects of the discipline, including, geographic information systems (GIS), geomorphology, and environmental sciences. The Department has viable undergraduate and postgraduate programs and its products have made valuable contributions in applying geomorphologic theory and methodology to solving human and environmental problems. At the postgraduate level, the Department has academic research

The goal of the Department is the pursuit of excellence in geomorphology and this has challenged several postgraduate students of the Department and other planning institutions to desire to expand the horizon of their knowledge. The Department has, therefore, over the years been broadening the academic base of its professional programs to produce graduates and majors that can competently handle diverse geomorphological issues and concepts with in-depth focus on some specialized areas.
The Department is a warm and conducive place for effective teaching and learning as students and staff and visitors relate very cordially. The Department of Geomorphology has been first established in 1937 (1327 H.S.) as an undivided branch of physical geography which was regarded as one of the two major sub-fields of geography focusing on understanding the processes and patterns of the natural environment. Regarding the purposes of physical geography, the earth is often split either into several spheres or different environments, with the main spheres being: atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere settings. Mainly, a research in the Department of Geomorphology is often interdisciplinary and uses the systems approach by applying different sorts of methodologies and techniques. Within the Department of Geomorphology the field of teaching approach is mainly geomorphology which exclusively focuses on regional scale or across the country.
Primarily, geomorphology is considered the science which concerned with understanding the surface of the earth and the processes by which it is shaped, both at present and in the past. Also, geomorphology deals with the specific landforms of various environments e.g., desert geomorphology, coastal geomorphology, mountainous and fluvial geomorphology. However, these sub-fields are united by the core field. In this Department, geomorphologists seek to understand landform history and dynamics, and predict future changes through a combination of field observation, physical experiment, and numerical modeling

 PhD. Opportunities
As a well-known department of geomorphology with the ambition of playing a role in academic and policy debates at national levels, the Department aims to recruit committed students for the pursuit of innovative, cutting-edge research at Ph.D. level. Ph.D. program started since 1993 and the number of postgraduate students is increasing over the time.

Master Program
The departremnt offers a master program since 1992 which provides professinal and acadmic training through a variety of routes specializing in geomorphological issues. 

B.A Program 
The Department offers a B.A. in geomorphology. This course builds upon the established strengths of the geomorphological courses but allows students to consider a wider range of geographical issues. It introduces students to the main geomorphological and environmental trends that shape natural and man-made environments in the world today, and allows students to develop theoretical and conceptual ways of thinking while also acquiring a range of practical skills. This combination gives students the withal to go on to work in a variety of different careers.


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