Department of Climatology

The Department of Climatology
The study in the field of climatology scientifically becoming distinct, as weather conditions averaged over a long period of time are analyzed in today researches as opposed to meteorology which studies atmospheric processes over a shorter duration, and are then examined to find trends and frequencies in weather patterns and phenomena. climatologists of the Department examine both the nature of micro (local) and macro (regional) climates and their natural and hydrological influences. The field is also sub-divided largely into the hydro and agro-climates of various regions and the study of specific phenomena over dissimilar time periods.Synoptic studies along with radar, RS, and GIS based studies are main parts of the research and training in this Department.

PhD Opportunities
As a well-known department of planning with the ambition of playing a role in academic and policy debates at national levels, the Department aims to recruit committed students for the pursuit of innovative, cutting-edge research at Ph.D. level. Ph.D. program started since 1998 and the number of postgraduate students is increasing over the time.

Master Program
The department runs a master program since 1993 which provides professional and academic through a variety of routes specializing in climatic issues.

Undergraduate Program
The Department offers a B.A. in climatology . This course builds upon the established strengths of the climatological courses but also allows students to consider a wider range of geographical issues. It introduces students to the main climatolgical and environmental trends that shape natural and man-made climates in the world today, and allows students to develop theoretical and conceptual ways of thinking while also acquiring a range of practical skills. This combination gives students the withal to go on to work in a variety of different careers.

Last Update At : 21 May 2017