Department of Geography and Urban Planning



Department of Geography and Urban Planning strives to be a center of excellence in research, teaching and policy practice, associated with the planning and management of cities and regions. The Department was initially established in 1980. Its staff take a wide definition of planning which encompasses the policy areas of economic development, environment, housing, urban design, transport, health, and land use planning. The Department has grown considerably over the past decade, now being the largest planning department of North West Iran, with high ranking academic members and over 350 students. We are research-led. This does not mean that teaching, policy, and practice involvement is secondary. Rather it means that these areas are continually informed by the internationally recognized research activity and knowledge creation that our academic staff undertake. Our research and Ph.D. programs try to make links between theory, policy, and practice, and this also ranges a long-standing basis in Tabriz, and Iran. The students through the range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs learn, in this creative context, about the nature of the social, economic, political, and environmental processes that shape the town and country, and the various    ways by which public policy, and the involvement of the community and the private sector can improve quality of life.  


Undergraduate Program
The Department offers a B.A. in geography and urban planning. This course builds upon the established strengths of the city and regional planning course but allows students to consider a wider range of geographical issues. It introduces students to the main environmental, cultural, political, economic, and social trends that shape places in the world today, and allows students to develop theoretical and conceptual ways of thinking while also acquiring a range of practical skills. This combination gives students the withal to go on to work in a variety of different careers

Master Program 
The Department runs a master program since 1993 which provides professional and academic training through a variety of routes specializing in urban planning issues.
PhD Opportunities
As a well known department of planning with the ambition of playing a role in academic and policy debates at national level, the Department aims to recruit committed students for the pursuit of innovative, cutting edge research at PhD level. PhD program started since 1998 and number of postgraduate students is increasing over time.

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